Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello stampers!  I have had a few requests for the poem I used on this project.  So here it is:

The Stamping Wife
Author Unknown
She learned to stamp on Monday
Her embossing was quite fine.
She forgot to make us dinner,
So we went out to dine.

She brayerd backgrounds Tuesday
She says they are a must.
They really were quite lovely
But she forgot to dust.

On Wednesday it was birthday cards
She says that chalking's fun.
Shading, blending, and watercoloring.
But the laundry wasn't done.

Her card swap was on Thursday
Using green and blue and red;
I guess she really was engrossed,
She never made the bed!

It was shaker cards on Friday
Using techniques she just adores,
But she never seemed to notice
The crumbs on all the floors.

I found a maid on Saturday!
My week is now complete
My wife can stamp the hours away,
And the house will still be neat.

Well, it's already Sunday,
And my forehead's feeling damp.
I cursed, I raved, and I ranted. . .
The MAID has learned to stamp!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a fabulous day☺


  1. So funny & so true, lol!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello! I just stumbled across your wonderful blog! I love your work and had to comment on this poem that had me giggling! Thanks for sharing!